The partners at Celtic Technology Group have over 60 years of building experience in both commercial and residential sectors. This vast wealth of experience was gained within the building industries of Europe and the United States. They have put together a world class team to bring the latest cutting-edge commercial and residential building technologies to the world market. Technologies incorporated include the latest in architectural design as well as manufactured components.

Here at CTG we have in place a very forward thinking group of experts in their respective fields. We have the breath of experience to oversee, direct and build commercial and residential projects from the ground up as well as energy efficient renovations and retrofits. The future of the construction industry demands new strategies with our expert architectural and design team on energy efficient buildings. Our goal is to design and build zero carbon buildings through out the world and become the green building leader and a company of iconic stature in the building technology of tomorrow.

Roland Matzig is one of the leading architects in Energate house standards in Germany. He is renowned in his field for his high design standard of carbon neutral building in the world today. Roland is one of the leaders through out Germany for his commercial and residential work. His partner pool of design team architects, through out his vast network, numbers in the hundreds which puts them in a position to design, without a doubt, the greenest commercial and residential buildings in the world today.

Roland's team has also designed and been part of the most technically advanced solar, photovoltaic, and geo-thermally energy efficient heat recovery systems in buildings through out the European Union. They are currently designing two state-of-the-art Energate schools: one in Luxemburg and another in Switzerland. CTG feels that the knowledge and depth of talent within Roland's team has unlimited potential for our design capabilities.

The European Building standard is at the leading end of carbon neutral buildings in the world today. Their vision of building design and carbon footprint started in the seventies and today we see the most advanced building technology in the world in countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

ARCHITOS, of which Roland is a partner, is an international union of design experts. A meaningful synthesis of ecology, flexibility and economy sees ARCHITOS as a world leader in their field. ARCHITOS cooperates with its energy efficiency building partners like CTG in both commercial and residential projects. Therefore, inarguably, we have some of the most advanced experts in their respective fields in Europe. We have a vast knowledge of working and designing the most advanced systems in the world today. They range from solar, geothermal, photovoltaic, and comfort ventilation with heat recovery systems. Our goal is to further develop lasting architecture as one large team. By teaming with ARCHITOS, you will find confidence, technical innovation and security.

CTG also partners with Michael McDonough, the world-renowned architect. Michael resides in New York City and is internationally regarded in green building in his industry. His work ranges from commercial to residential projects: from Hollywood, California residential buildings to the Frankfurt, Germany airport. He is a member of the U.S. Green Building council. Michael lectures around the world at universities. He has an ehouse in upstate New York that has won awards for green design. Michael is our green leader as we bring our cutting-edge technology to the forefront of the building industry.

Our partners Ludwig and Mathias Häußler at Häußler Window and Door have been producing award winning windows and doors in Germany for over 50 years. With their patented highly engineered doors and windows, the quality of their product is unparalleled through out Europe.

Enercept Inc. is the leading super insulated wall manufacturer in their field. With over 27 years of quality design build capability, they have forged a best in their field relationship with their customers for their products. It has erected one of their super insulated buildings in the South Pole for an international program of scientists.

Energate House was voted the best technology 1st place in the world at the Solar Decathlon in Washington D.C. in 2007 (the home of the future) awarded by the US Secretary of Energy, Samuel W. Bodman and the U.S. Green Building Council. It received first place in all the major categories. This is the projected home of 2015.

CTG and Earth Smart Solutions Inc. are leading the development of five key green energy solutions.

1 - Self-Sustainable Wind Turbine Solutions
2 - Solar as Back-up Power
3 - Silicon Salt Battery as Back-up Power
4 - Waste Water Treatment
5 - Atmospheric Water Generators

By capturing the earth’s wind power, re-directing energy from the sun and storing the energy in the Earth Battery system, ESS has created the world’s first 100% green energy power platform. Applications for their Waste Water Treatment System and Water Maker are in demand as Planet Earth's water resources are becoming scarcer each year due to population growth and other factors. Countless trillions of dollars have been made by polluting our planet, now it's time to help clean it up with Earth Smart Power Solutions from ESS.